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Hotel  İlci Residence Hotel
 Phone  + 90 312 230 86 86 (Pbx)
 Fax  + 90 312 229 23 24
 E-mail  [email protected]
 Address  GMK Bulvarı No:135 Tandoğan 06570 ÇANKAYA, ANKARA / TURKEY
 WhatsApp  + 90 533 662 61 71

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    Airport: 25 km

    Ankara High-Speed Train Station: 300 m

    Subway: 200 m

    AŞTİ (Ankara Inter-City Bus Terminal): 3.5 km

    AnkaMall: 2 km

    Armada: 3.5 km

    Ankara High-Speed Train Station Shopping Mall: 300 m

    Kızılay: 1.7 km

    Cepa: 5.9 km

    Kentpark: 6.1 km

    Nata Vega: 9.5 km

    Taurus: 5.6 km

    Atatürk’s Mausoleum: 400 m

    Grand National Assembly of Türkiye: 1.5 km

    19 Mayıs Stadium: 1.1 km

    Atakule: 5.6 km

    Kocatepe Mosque: 2.5 km

    Presidential Complex: 3.5 km

    Atatürk Cultural Centre: 850 m

    Youth Park: 900 m

    Ankara University: 600 m

    Gazi University: 1.5 km

    Başkent University: 800 m

    Ankara Medipol University: 500 m

    Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University: 2 km

    Hacettepe University: 3.4 km

    Bilkent University: 8:8 km

    TOBB University of Economics and Technology: 2.1 km

    Ankara Social Sciences University: 3.3 km

    Turgut Özal University: 6.9 km

    Tunalı Hilmi Street:4.3 km

    Arjantin Street: 4.6 km

    Bahçelievler 7th Street: 2.8 km

    Tunus Street: 4.4 km

    Anıt Street: 300 m

    Ethnography Museum: 1.3 km

    Anatolian Civilizations Museum: 1.9 km

    Ankara Castle: 2 km

    Art and Sculpture Museum: 1.3 km

    Natural History Museum: 5 km

    Temple of Augustu: 2 km

    Independence War Museum: 1.5 km

    Roman Baths: 1.8 km

    Ankara Rahmi M. Koç Museum: 2 km

    Esztergom Castle Turkish Cultural Center: 5.7 km

    Hamamönü: 2 km

    Maltepe Mosque: 1 km

    Pembe Köşk (The House&Museum of İsmet İnönü): 5.3 km

    METU Archaeological Museum: 6.4 km

    House Museum of Mehmet Akif Ersoy: 4.9 km

    Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque: 1.8 km

    Ankara City Hospital: 8 km

    Başkent University Ankara Hospital: 1.1 km

    Ankara Magnet Hospital: 280 m

    Kudret İnternational Hospital: 600 m

    Ankara University İbni Sina Hospital: 1.6 km

    Gazi Üniversitesi Hospital: 1.5 km

    Hacettepe University Hospital: 1.9 km